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HD Video Downloader  4K UHD Video Player

HD Video Downloader 4K UHD Video Player1.0

Two-in-One Video App

HD Video Downloader 4K UHD Video Player is a multimedia app for Android that allows you to download videos from any site that allows it. Boasting of fast download speeds for single files and automatic adjustments of video output to your phone, this app supports multi-audio video files and even network streaming. It has an adaptive bit-rate streaming and a built-in private web-browser to scour the internet of videos you’d like to download. However, this downloader is still dependent on your internet connection strength and phone performance so if you have the two at poor quality, don’t expect any miraculous boost to your downloads with this app. You also can’t just download from any website—HD Video Downloader only downloads from sites with no policy against third-party downloading.

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